Linux on CASIO Cassiopeia Fiva 1xx

Submitted by Hiroshi Miura on 水曜, 2007-01-10 12:33

Linux on CASIO Cassiopeia Fiva

14, Dec. 2001
Hiroshi MIURA
I distribute the patch for CASIO CASIOPEIA FIVA mini-PC to use in Linux. And follows some know-hows.

Whats new.

I tried that I hack CPU register to make stanby time longer and to consume. battery slower.

Start distributing the patch for Linux 2.4.18.


Purpose of this document

With this document, I offer an information for the person who use the Linux on Fiva and introduce patches for the latest kernel.


This documentation is made with expecting accuracy, but it is no guarantee about the contents. Even if you damaged from this contents, the author have no responsibility. This Document is served "AS-IS" form.

What is a fiva

CASSIOPEIA FIVA is a mini-note PC provided by CASIO COMPUTER Inc. This PC adopted the Cyrix/IBM/Natinal Semiconductor"s integrated CPU MediaGX/GXm, aka NSC Geode. The first version is released in Dec., 1998. It has A5 form, 870g weight and 8.4inch HAST liquid crystal monitor that displays in 800x600 resolution. there"s detailed information in casio web site.

Hardware specs


Cyrix MediaGXm 200MHz
Cyrix Cx5520
CardBus: Ricoh RL5c475 Compatible
USB Controller
Compaq compatible:OHCI
VGA Controller
Integrated to Cyrix MediaGX
Sound controller
Integrated to Cyrix MediaGX


Cyrix MediaGXm 233MHz
same as 101


National Semiconductor Corp.(NSC) Geode(tm) G1 300MHz
same as 101


kernel patches

Sample of configuration files

Description of Problems

Problems on APM BIOS

There are many example that APM BIOS of Notebook PC is broken, and Fiva is not left out of an example.

In addition, I have destroyed file system so that APM BIOS is going to do a write to illogical area that I let you do hibernation with default of Linux because APM BIOS does not do archiving facility about hard disk controller.

Linux is going to establish connection to APM BIOS in bootstrap time.(i.e. /usr/src/linux/arch/i386/kernel/apm.c:apm_init()) Linux acquires a version information of APM BIOS, i.e. presence of 32 bits support, a value of segment and offset of BIOS entry and a value of data segment and the length of it.

Fiva informs an OS that APM BIOS is version 1.2 and supports 16bit/32bit access. Its APM BIOS entry address is 0xf000:8040(segment:offset)and data segment (dseg) is located on 0x9ffc and has 0x40 byte long.

BTW, Linux has a work around for old laptop PC in apm_init(), that Linux decides a values of data segment length by itself than using values informed by BIOS. You can force it to kernel except BIOS version with kernel compile option.

Problem on CPU ID

It changes CPU-ID on Geode(tm) G1 CPU, aka Cyrix MediaGX, which made by National Semiconductor Corp. That is because Linux kernel cannot recognize CPU MediaGX and handle it as UNKNOWN CPU. Geode inform to OS that has same feature as Pentium MMX(tm) CPU, but it has terrible BUG. It cause kernel clush when the worst. FIVA 103S uses Geode CPu, so you may get trouble... My patch fixes it!

Problem on PC-CARD

It may be kernel panic (failure of interrpt handler) in bootup after PCMCIA-CS 3.1.12 package. To fix it, you should cope as follows:

  lilo: linux single

boot single mode. rewrite /etc/pcmcia.conf as



afterword, please reboot.

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