Linux with Cyrix MediaGXm, NSC/AMD Geode GX

Submitted by Hiroshi Miura on 火曜, 2006-12-26 20:41


The purpose of this document

This document provide some patch and howto information about Linux on NatSemi/AMD Geode GX CPU family(old Cyrix MediaGXm/GXlv) computers. these CPU is used in Single Board Computers or some Handheld PCs.


This documentation is made with expecting accuracy, but it is no guarantee about the contents. Even if you damaged from this contents, the author have no responsibility. This Document is served "AS-IS" form. What is NatSemi Geode CPU Please see National Semiconductor Corp. page. enhancement and fix

current status

name description development status kernel status Geode has Own CPUID Now NatSemi uses own CPUID "Geode by NSC". As Linux cannot determine CPU series, it don't workaround some CPU bugs, may crash at worst. finished merged into 2.4.19,2.5.43 NatSemi CPU Speed Up NatSemi Geode has download patches for a NatSemi Geode/MediaGX Patch name 2.4 series 2.5.59 driver source Geode CPUID for before 2.4.18, for 2.4.19, 2.4.20, 2.4.21 fix broken configure N/A NatSemi Geode SpeedUp patch Download for 2.4.18,2.4.19, for 2.4.20 now testing.. Download CPU freq modulation driver patch-2.4-cpufreq(2) no need gx-suspmod.c save power consumption when stanby Download Download N/A workaround for cyrix cs5510/5520 Download merged but can clean-up some obsolete code fix small bug or some workarounds or for specific arch. Patch name 2.4 series 2.5.59 check critical batt. status when suspend requested patch-2.4-apm Download workaround for the APM BIOS bug. Download Download CASIO Fiva 10x specific 2.4 series patch Download 2. A cpufreq advanced patch is able to download from cpufreq project home page. The advanced patch includes up-to-date geode driver. AMD's Geode Linux drivers SC2xxx and Linux Geode Processor Wikipedia


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